About S&T Iskratel

S&T Iskratel, a company of Kontron AG, ranks among the leading European providers of comprehensive and highly reliable solutions for a safe, smart, and digitalised future.

Company of information- and communication solutions for the digital future.

A responsible choice of all growing digital environments. A long-term partner for the smart, secure, and better-connected future.

Our commitment

S&T Iskratel is a company you can rely on.
A wide portfolio of comprehensive ICT solutions for the digitalisation of various industries, tailored to customers’ needs. A proven track record of experience and responsibility. Knowledge, skills, and care for you joined in one team.


Your first choice for the digital future.


Smart, safe, and reliable solutions for a better-connected world.

S&T Iskratel milestones


The beginning of telecommunications (Establishment of Iskra company)


Iskratel joins SIEMENS AG


Establishment of Hermes Plus


Hermes Plus joins S&T AG


Hermes Plus is renamed to S&T Slovenija


Iskratel exits SIEMENS AG


Iskratel joins S&T AG


S&T Slovenija and Iskratel are merged to S&T Iskratel


Family Friendly Enterprise Certificate

S&T Iskratel is among proud members of respected employers with a full Family Friendly Enterprise Certificate. This certificate represents a successful consulting-audit process which has been developed as one of the tools for effective and more quality human resources management within enterprises and organizations in the context of balancing professional and private lives of employees. We are committed to monitoring and constantly improving measures that support our work processes and enable an even better working environment. In this manner, we try to maintain the motivation and satisfaction of our employees.

S&T Iskratel leadership team

Sašo Berger

Managing Director

Robert Kuzmič

Managing Director

Jure Fir

Deputy Director and Executive Director of Infrastructure Solutions

Janez Öri

Deputy Director and Director of Strategic Development

Company information

Company headquarters: Ljubljanska cesta 24a, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia

Business units: Celje, Ljubljana, Maribor

Phone: +386 4 207 00 00 (main)
+386 1 5855 200; oz. +386 4 207 29 33 (reception)

Fax: +386 1 5855 201

Email: info@snt-iskratel.si / racunovodstvo@snt-iskratel.si

Website: www.snt-iskratel.si

VAT number: SI 49029827

Registration number: 5293162000

Legal representatives: Sašo Berger and Robert Kuzmič

Transaction accounts:

SI56 0700 0000 2963 440 Gorenjska banka d. d.
SI56 0700 0000 0005 037 Gorenjska banka d. d.
SI56 3000 0000 1295 277 N Banka d. d.
SI56 0292 2001 6163 590 NLB d. d.
SI56 0292 3001 3468 493 NLB d. d.
SI56 0400 1004 9163 954 Nova KBM d. d.
SI56 0400 1004 8752 286 Nova KBM d. d.
SI56 3400 0101 0611 742 Sparkasse d. d.

Contact us

Should you need further information please feel free to contact us at any time. Share with us your interests and we will gladly respond with our proposal of the most suitable solution, tailored to your needs.